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The North Bend school District offers instruction that meets Oregon State standards and benchmarks in grades K-12.


    The Oregon Department of Education is deeply committed to helping each and every student learn, grow, and thrive. ODE is also committed to providing opportunities for feedback and input to continuously improve education experiences for all students in Oregon. The Student Educational Equity Development (SEED) Survey will help ODE gather information about the educational experiences of students in Oregon. This information will help ODE to develop appropriate resources and supports for districts in Oregon, and better target those resources where they are most needed. SEED Survey data may also help districts develop a fuller picture of their local contexts and make strategic modifications to curriculum, instruction, and related academic supports that they offer students.



    • …provides opportunity to hear directly from students. The SEED Survey gives students the opportunity to voice their experiences in Oregon’s education system.
    • …is designed to capture students’ sense of belonging and experiences at school. The survey asks students about their access to learning resources, learning opportunities, self-efficacy beliefs, and sense of belonging. Grades 6-11 also include questions about career-technical education and extra-curricular engagement, while grades 9-11 include questions about post-graduation planning.
    • …is an equity tool that meets the moment. The results of the survey give schools powerful information to create more equitable learning experiences based on the perceptions and lived experiences of students in their schools.
    • …is available to meet the needs of all students. Students have access to the same accessibility supports that are available to them on statewide assessments. An Alternate SEED Survey is also available, designed for students experiencing significant cognitive disabilities, and is completed alongside a teacher or educational professional that knows the student well.
    • …takes 10-20 minutes to complete. The SEED survey is brief and contains multiple choice questions for grades 3-11 and additional open-ended questions for grades 6-11.


    Oregon law (House Bill 2656) requires each school district to make the SEED Survey available to students in grades 3-11. Parents or guardians may decline, either verbally or in writing, to have their student participate in the SEED Survey. Schools will provide parents with notice of administration and the process for declining participation at least 5 days prior to administering the SEED Survey. Students may also decline, at any time, either verbally or in writing to participate. Students may also decline to answer individual questions on the SEED survey.


    SEED survey information with Opt-Out form in English

    SEED survey information with Opt-Out form in Spanish

For more information please contact:

Dayna Cahill 
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
North Bend School District
1913 Meade Street
North Bend, OR 97459
Phone: 541-751-6782

Bruce Martin
Director of Elementary Education
North Bend School District
1913 Meade Street
North Bend, OR 97459
Phone: 541-751- 6795