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Superintendent Monthly Report

Superintendent Vince Swagerty

Picture of Vince Swagerty

Superintendent Vince Swagerty has served students since 1985 as a teacher, principal, and superintendent.  He graduated from Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon and then earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in 1985 and his master’s degree from Portland State University in 2000.  He returns to the North Bend School District having served as the North Bend Middle School principal from 2007-2009.  Most recently, he led the Mitchell School District in eastern Oregon for five years from 2018-2023.  His wife, Valerie, is a long-time school employee serving as an educational assistant for most of her career and then as an administrative assistant in Mitchell.  His daughter, Melissa, is a 2009 North Bend graduate who currently is an educational assistant in the Wilsonville High School special education department.  His son, Matthew, recently finished his Speech Pathology program at Idaho State University and completing his clinical fellowship to obtain his Speech Pathology CCC.

Please call the North Bend District office at (541) 756-2521 or email to setup a meeting.

Superintendent Board Report


Superintendent Board Report

May 2, 2024

Stronger Connections Grant - SRO
I had the opportunity to meet with the NBPD last week regarding adding an additional SRO who
will be funded with the Stronger Connections Grant and they were excited that we are ready to
move forward. They expressed surprise that we were awarded the grant so quickly and that we
need to start spending it in the next fiscal year. We may not have a second SRO in the building
by the beginning of school but they will post the position now and we will have someone in place
as soon as possible. They are hopeful they can backfill a patrol position with a lateral hire which
would free up a person to step into the SRO role.

COSA Off the Record Meeting
Last Friday I attended the COSA Off the Record meeting in Portland where superintendents
provided input that will help COSA develop their legislative priorities for the 2025 legislative
session. As one might imagine, adequate funding was at the forefront of everyone’s list along
with other issues related to funding such as elimination of the 11% SPED cap and protecting
“carve outs” which would reduce funding to schools. In addition to those issues, there was
much discussion about the crumbling school building infrastructure in the State and how the
legislature might support districts who need to repair and/or replace buildings but cannot pass a
bond to make those improvements. Other topics we addressed were the need for support in
relation to negative classroom behaviors, chronic absenteeism and the need for something that
we can use to get kids back into school, and staffing shortages throughout the system. These
conversations will continue to be discussed at the COSA conference in June.

It’s hard to believe that we are just over a month away from the graduating of 2024 walking
across the stage and receiving their diplomas. Mark your calendars for Friday, June 7th and be
ready for our annual celebration of the students who’ve spent the last 13 years getting ready to
go into the “real world.”

May is the month where the regular seasons come to an end and the playoffs begin. By the
time we meet in June, champions will be crowned in track and field, tennis, golf, baseball, and
softball. Not only that, we have already reported the success of our competition cheer squad
and the OSAA State Championship trophies earned by our ESports team in two separate
competitions. If you have the opportunity to come and cheer on the Bulldogs, I encourage you
to do so!

Vape Sensors
The District has begun the process of installing vape sensors in restrooms in the middle and
high school buildings. We have been pretty impressed with the response time whereby we
receive the communication after the sensors have picked up the vapors. The sensors are
working and we have addressed a number of students already who have been discovered with
the sensors.

Navigating a successful course for every student, every day, every way
Phone: (541) 756-2521 • Fax: (541) 756-1313
Superintendent Vince Swagerty